*Laurieann Gibson is an iconic choreographer with an attitude.

She told BE (Beauty Elegance) Magazine somebody better recognize who’s the real genius between her and Diddy.

Despite her recent public feud with the long time music producer, she still remains somewhat humble.

“He’s my brother. At the time [of our feud] I didn’t know I was getting popular. He was reacting and was trying to keep me in a state of mind where I didn’t know. I don’t let anyone disrespect me…he came at me. I went on my own way. It was great. We spent a year developing our relationship…I was really happy when he called me.”

And about Lady Gaga, she believes it was through her work, her creativity and unique understanding of music and dance, she helped develop the singer into who and what she is now.

“I think they are enamored by the movement of it. She allowed my gift to do what it does … She broke through and allowed it all to happen. She’s so brave. She’s so fearless. Some artists, they won’t let go. She’ll let got. A lot of the time I work with artists who are afraid.”