thomas miles and troops*Comedian Thomas Miles a/k/a Nephew Tommy from the Steve  Harvey radio show, has taken his comedic talents on the road to bring a smile to the faces of US troops and soldiers .

Miles, who documented his first trip to Kuwait, was joined by the likes of actress Minka Kelly, former NBA star Robert Horry, and singer Jordin Sparks.

He wrote in a post to EURweb that the troops were ready for some “ignorance” and he provided them with a good dosage. On the serious tip, Miles also noted how the visit is affecting him:

“This trip has been life-changing. Never before have I seen so many young men and women carry such great weight on their shoulders and do so with ease and skill. They are all examples of who we should be and I can’t thank them enough.”

Miles also mentioned how much the troops love the Steve Harvey Show. Check out Nephew Tommy’s hilarious description of his first day in Kuwait:

Wednesday December 15, 2011

We arrived in Kuwait at 6:35AM…(which is really 10:35pm Tuesday night back in the states). So my body wants to sleep …but it’s time to get the day going. We were picked up at Air Force 2 by shuttle buses. The shuttle drivers must be from New York … cause he’s driving like the cab drivers in the city. I mean really … he can’t drive at ALL!!!

To my surprise the hotel was really classy…everyone who knows me…knows how particular I am about hygiene. This place was really cool and very clean. But we got no time to hang out in the room …we’re off to the Embassy … this place is like Fort Knox … you can’t get in unless they want you in … and even though they were expecting us … it still took forty minutes before we got in the door. This place in manned by Marines. It is the major focal point of information in Kuwait. These guys are serious…so I don’t laugh or crack jokes…they have no room for my ignorance. But they welcomed us with open arms and were very delighted that we stopped by… we took pictures with everyone and then we were off to the 1st military base … by the way, we still have the same driver in the shuttle …he’s a native of Kuwait … so I’m real nervous.

First base was Camp Moreell … we had lunch there and shortly afterwards we took pictures with several troops. Most of the brothers were playing domino’s … Robert Horry and I were dieing to get in the game…but we got a line of people who want pictures and we gotta keep moving to the next base. So look out Camp Virginia here we come. It’s amazing to me how they appreciate us for coming over … but WE
shouldn’t be the recipients of appreciation … all of that belongs to them. I’ve always respected men and women in the armed forces … but now … It’s on an entire different level. Sad to say that we have to see things with our own eyes before true appreciation is given.

Last stop was Camp Beuhring (Bur-ing). Time for the USO Show. We arrive around 5pm…show starts at 7:30pm. So we got time for dinner… which was very good. Throughout the entire dinner troops approached us left and right. I had no idea how many fans The Steve Harvey Morning Show had … God Is Good.

The troops were anxiously waiting for us to get started. As soon as thery called my name… The Ignorance began!! I enjoyed them and they enjoyed ignorance at it’s best. Mr. Robert Horry and Minka Kelly came out and showed much love to the troops. Robert expanded on how his love has always been with the troops considering his father was in the service for over 27 years. And last but not least…the winner of the 6th season of American Idol Ms. Jordin Sparks hit the stage and sung the lights out … That girl can SING!!!

Now it’s a two hour journey back to our hotel…but the best thing about
this ride … WE GOT A NEW DRIVER…


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