*Sometimes it’s a little hard to take Anthony Anderson serious, despite his dramatic role as Detective Kevin Bernard on “Law & Order.” You won’t have to hold your laughter in much longer, though.

The actor is returning to comedy pretty soon, as it is his first love.

“Comedy is something that comes naturally to me. I get to have fun,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “Drama is something I wanted to show the world before I was typecast as the funny guy. It’s not like I’ll take one over the other. I’m fortunate to have an opportunity to dance in both worlds. I’ll take what comes my way, but for the last few years I wanted to flex this dramatic muscle, so they could see it’s more to me than just the laughter.”

So look out for him in 2012 with a new comedy series perhaps. He said right now he’s working on closing a deal with FX for a half-hour family-based sitcom.

“I’m developing it for myself. It’s going to be universal, but it’s going to be my story. Everything I try to create will have my voice because it’s based on my experiences. It will reflect that.”

He also has a few other things in the works, including “Who’s Got Talent” from Africa along with two independent films for 2012.