peter mackay and condoleeza rice*Condoleezza Rice became one of the most powerful, most controversial, most mysterious black women of the United States when she took office as the secretary of state.

Now that she’s retired from her post, George Bush’s former right hand woman is letting the public know who she is in her autobiography, “No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington.”

In the book she speaks on many of the tense moments during the Bush Jr. days. But she also addresses the rumors about she and Peter MacKay, a member of the Canadian Parliament.

In Sept. 2006, the pair appeared in Nova Scotia to commemorate Canada’s sheltering of Americans on 9/11. The next morning MacKay noted that the former secretary of state slept with the window open.

Thus rumors began.In her book, Rice admits the rumours were “kind of funny, if misdirected.”


“When I got home, I called Peter. ‘A girl can’t be seen with you without some scandal,’ I joked. Peter was kind of embarrassed. He is a good friend.”

That’s what Biz Markie said.