*What’s with the sudden blast of 1990s nostalgia (“Yo! MTV Raps’ Returns for One Night Only“)? Suddenly, everything old is new again. Beavis and Butthead is airing new episodes on MTV. 120 Minutes is back. There may be a new Friday movie.

That got us thinking…what else should we bring back from that decade? Here’s our list:

Kenan and Kel – Mostly because Kenan Thompson is one of the more cringe-worthy performers from the current Saturday Night Live cast. Bring it back, stick it on Nickelodeon, unfreeze Kel Mitchell and get us some new Good Burger sketches.

The Oregon Trail computer game – Otherwise known as the “best way to avoid doing schoolwork while actually claiming to do schoolwork.” Massacring wildlife, fording the river, dying of dysentery – what beat that?

Alfonso Ribeiro – The underrated part of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Maybe a guest-starring role on Mad Men? He could certainly dance better than anyone in the current cast.

Space Jam – It holds up. Seriously. Watch it again. Why not a sequel? Throw LeBron in it. Though no one would believe he’d be clutch enough to beat the Monstars. And maybe avoid R. Kelly for the theme song.

Pogs Because our knuckles are still bruised. And we still have killer slammers.

Surge sodas – Because we’re all still wired from that green death-drink we had one lunch period back in 1998. That thing had some kick.

Bill Clinton – Because everything just seemed to be better when he was in the White House, didn’t it?