Boyz ll Men

*Sure, 2011 hasn’t been the greatest of years. Can all agree on that?

Natural disasters, economic woes, “Jack and Jill…” nothing seems to have gone right in 2011. But there’s still stuff to be thankful for. Not much, but it’s out there. Here’s our list:

Jimmy Graham, TE, Saints and Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots – Because they’re part of the new wave of super-athletic tight ends, captivating to watch and impossible to defend. And they’ve saved our fantasy teams from that unfortunate Chris Johnson pick.

The Jay-Z and Kanye West Tour – Two titans at the height of their power delivering one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. I guess an arena is big enough to handle those egos.

Louis C.K. – “Louie,” in its second season, took a leap into the rarefied air of greatness that few shows – comedy or otherwise – ever reach. The cameos by Chris Rock and Dane Cook were done perfectly.

The Roots – For consistently making the Jimmy Fallon program the most watchable late-night program on TV. And for having the cojones to do this (

Michelle Obama –The picture of class, and for having the patience to deal with stories like this (

Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer – The best parts of the smash hit “The Help.” Both deserve to be nominated at the Oscars.

Boyz II Men – Because we loved them back in middle school. Because “End of the Road” is still in our heads. And because they’re back – sort of. (