*Florida A&M University/FAMU President James Ammons dismissed four students for playing a major role in the death of Robert Champion, a marching band member last month.

Ammons made the announcement in a memo to the FAMU Board of Trustees earlier this week.

Champion, 26, was found unresponsive on Nov. 19 on a bus parked outside an Orlando, Fla. hotel after his school’s football team lost a game. In a released 911 call, an unidentified caller told the dispatcher that he stopped breathing and was unresponsive. Champion had just thrown up before the caller handed the phone to a second man.

“We need an ambulance ASAP,” the first caller said. “His eyes are open but he’s not responding.”

The dispatcher advised the second person to place the victim on his back and clean any vomit from his nose and mouth. The man told the dispatcher he would try to resuscitate Champion and he also orders someone to get a defibrillator from inside a hotel.

“He is cold,” the man said. And the call was disconnected.

The driver of the bus told the press there were no signs before Champion collapsed or any signs of hazing. He said he’s never had any issues of hazing in the past.

He said his experience with the band has always been positive.

However, the band director, Julian White, was fired as a result of Champion’s death and the band, called the Marching 100, has been suspended.

But White told the press he sent documents to university officials about hazing over the years. Ammons said he did not receive the letters until he was already fired.