happy new year 2012*ATLANTA, GA – Daniel Whyte III who visited the grave of Robert Burns, the author of “Auld Lang Syne,” in Scotland, was inspired to write a version of this song that contained Christian themes.

His daughter, Daniella, who is a poet, assisted him. The title of the new song is “Let All Past Troubles Be Forgot.”

Hear it below and other versions at YouTube.

“Let All Past Troubles Be Forgot” is perfect for singing at church watch night services and Christian New Year’s Eve house parties. Churches, pastors, church choir directors, praise and worship leaders, and Christians everywhere are encouraged to take this video and play and sing it in their respective gatherings for the glory of God. Contacting the creators for permission is not necessary.

Daniel Whyte III has also released a revised edition of his New Years book titled How to Forget the Troubles, Problems and Failures of the Past and Make the New Year the Best Year of Your Life. The book is available on Amazon Kindle for just $2.99: http://amzn.to/oOx704. The print version is available for $7.99 on Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/csa7fqm.