*It looks like the late Hip Hop artist Heavy D left the earth with a bit of unfinished business.

Old School platinum-selling R&B group Soul for Real told newsmanRob Redding recently that things were pretty rocky between them and the rapper before his death.

According to SFR’s Andre Dalyrimple (known as KD), for the past five years they’ve been toiling back and forth.

“We split apart, before Heav’ even passed away, I haven’t even spoke with him in years,” KD told the Redding News Review radio program. “Don’t get me wrong, I tried to reach out, I reached out to Heav’ and them but they never call back or email back.

“I know that they were getting the messages, I know his brother.” Despite the rift, he said that he was surprised by the death of Heavy D. “I really couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I am still in shock.”

But problems began way back when the group got together. He explained that he’s been rapping since day one, but Heavy always pushed him to sing.

“I always been rapping, from day one, since we came into the game. But when we came into the game, Heavy D kinda like made me take the back burner… he said, ‘You do the singing and since I am already known as the rapper I will do the rapping.'”