*Continuing his campaign amid affair allegations, Herman Cain revealed to FOX News that he has not seen his wife Gloria since the latest woman to come forward and accuse the GOP candidate of a 13-year extramarital affair.

“Since I’ve been campaigning all week, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down with her and walk through this with my wife and my family. I will do that when I get back home on Friday,” Cain told reporters gathered at his New Hampshire campaign headquarters Wednesday night.

Asked about his recent announcement that he would “reassess” his campaign, Cain said, “I am not going to make a decision until after we talk face to face.”

The former business executive says the numerous affair allegations have taken a heavy emotional toll on his family – particularly Gloria. Cain said he had spoken to his wife only by phone since Monday, the day an Atlanta television station reported the woman’s accusation. Since then, aides have crafted a packed campaign schedule with stops in Ohio, New Hampshire, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia and prepared to launch a fresh round of TV ads in Iowa.

Cain talked about Gloria’s reaction to the story in an interview with FOX News on Wednesday.

“Yes, she did ask me, and I have told her exactly what has happened and what the situation is,” he said. “My wife loves me, she just told me that again today. She just wants to know the truth, which I have given her the truth and she just gets upset when she sees the implications and the distortions by some people in the media.”

When asked why White would lie about an affair, Cain told FOX that her announcement was “totally out of the blue,” and she is out to destroy his candidacy.

“I have no idea, unless the people who I believe are putting her up to this,” he said. “Maybe that was one of the lines that she was supposed to use. I have no idea, I honestly don’t.”

Cain was to sit down Thursday afternoon with the New Hampshire Union Leader, an influential conservative voice in the first-in-the-nation primary state. This evening the former pizza executive is scheduled to deliver a business-focused speech at Middle Tennessee State University.

“There were some people who thought that I was finished,” Cain said Wednesday night. “But I’m going to leave it with Yogi Berra’s comment: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over.’ And it ain’t over yet.”

Atlanta-area businesswoman Ginger White, 46, said her affair with Cain ended this year before he became a White House candidate. He has denied any such affair, and in a letter addressed to “patriots and supporters” called her allegations “completely false” and labeled her “troubled.”

“It’s very disappointing that he would call me troubled and, you know, it’s unfortunate,” White said Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”