*In one of the standout scenes from the recently released trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises,” NFL player Hines Ward can be seen running for a touchdown as the football field collapses behind him. [Scroll down to watch.]

The Pittsburgh Steelers star and “Dancing With the Stars” champ spoke to the media after the trailer was released to talk a little about his role in the film….and we do mean “a little.” He’s been sworn to secrecy about most of the film, so he was limited in what he could say.

Below, his Q&A with the Los Angeles Times:

1. Hines Ward in “The Dark Knight Rises”? How did that come about?

I was honored when the producer of the movie asked me to be in it. I have always been a Batman fan.  So it was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

2. Any other Steelers in the movie?

I really can’t disclose that information.  So you will have to go watch the movie to find out.  🙂

3. I’m sure you were sworn to secrecy regarding the film. Is there anything you can tell us about it at all?

I wish I could.  I will just say that it’s going to be a great movie.

4. Which do you prefer, dancing or acting?

Both are a challenge to me.  I loved my time on “Dancing with the Stars.” I made a lot of great friendships and that show was awesome.  I also had a great time doing the movie.  So both were great experiences for me.

5. What was your reaction after seeing yourself in the trailer?

It blew me away.  I mean to be a part of something that will last forever was amazing. I was truly blessed to be a part of it all.