*Kris Humphries has pulled a Chris Brown.

The NBA star, like the singer, has accusing “Good Morning America” of grilling him on a subject matter that he’d rather not discuss.

As previously reported, Humphries appeared on the morning show Friday, where anchor Josh Elliot asked him about his separation from Kim Kardashian.

“For me, it’s just certain things happen in life and you’ve got to move forward,” Humphries said.

Now, according to TMZ, Humphries says he felt “ambushed” by the line of questioning about his short-lived marriage, reports TMZ.

The website reports that Humphries was aware he’d be asked about the relationship, but didn’t expect to be grilled. However, an ABC rep insists, “There were no ground rules.”

In March, Brown famously threw a tantrum and shattered a backstage window at “GMA” after Robin Roberts asked him a few questions regarding Rihanna.