gil scott heron

(Gilbert 'Gil' Scott Heron passed on May 27 of this year. He's one of the most profound poets and musicians of our time, and helped build the soundtrack of the civil rights and black power movement of the 70s. He's best known for his poetic song 'The Revolution Will Not be Televised.')

*Every year, we lose members of the African American family that have been instrumental and encouraging to our lives.

Those that have used their talents to increase our lives are worthy of remembrance and this year the list is filled with dynamic individuals of note.

Vesta Williams and Heavy D were huge shocks to everyone and both had mysterious deaths. Their music is an integral part of our life’s playlist. Joe Frazier will always remembered as the man who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat. Nathaniel D. Hale, more popularly known as “Nate Dogg”, was instrumental to rap, but also used his life to help young men and women through a christian mentoring program.

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