India.Arie*In a bizarre twist of India.Arie’s life, her former manager is suing the her for not only money she’s owed, but she’s suing the singer for sabotaging her own career.

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this year in the federal court of Tennessee, Noreen Nalli was Arie’s manager form 2005-2009. That ended abruptly when the singer dumped her without notice, allegedly.

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Years later, Nalli claims the singer owes her money from the time she worked with her. But Arie counter-sued claiming she overpaid the woman.

Nalli also says, however, Arie constantly canceled shows, would not be available for weeks at a time and turned down offers, which affected sales, ultimately costing Nalli potential money, not to mention, killing Arie’s career, according to TMZ.

Arie’s people say the singer “remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably.”