*In the wake of Wednesday’s controversial “America’s Next Top Model” finale, in which Angelea was mysteriously disqualified, former judge Janice Dickinson has come forward with allegations that the show’s judging panel does not actually have the final say in who takes home the “ANTM” title and Cover Girl contract.

“Cover Girl are the people that choose the model — not any of the judges, not what Tyra [Banks] says,” she said, adding later, “Definitely… it’s rigged.”

Dickinson said she didn’t realized she was “being conned” and thought she “was actually helping judge a TV franchise, that actually my say had any input — but it really didn’t…. I was depressed sitting there knowing that.” She insisted, “When I found out, I split.”

As for Banks herself, Dickinson said, “There’s back history… in the way she treated me.”

She blasted the model-turned-mogul for capitalizing on the public impression that professionals (not advertisers) choose “Top Model‘s” winners and issued this parting shot to Banks: “Eat a bag of royal skank!”

Watch Dickinson’s interview in the NSFW video below.