*Actor Jason Weaver, best known for his roles in “Smart Guy,” “Drumline” and “ATL,” is getting creative to expand his entertainment career and most of all,  to generate some exra  income.

Tapping into his singing abilities, Weaver has created a new group, Sons of Bobby Brown, an idea birthed while working with songwriter Sky Keeton. Of you’re wondering, “Are they Bobby Brown’s sons?” Of course not. The actor/singer explains how the name came about.

“We were in the studio this past summer writing for other artists…We would just say we’re on some Bobby Brown stuff, it had an edge to it, some soul, it was on some rock star stuff, and we said we’re the sons of Bobby Brown,” says Weaver.

The duo plan to release a mixtape sooner than later which will likely include their first song, “You Got Me,” which has an accompanying music video. Watch it below: