jennifer hudson ebony cover

*Joy Behar took a moment on “The View” this morning to clarify her role in comments that caused some folks to believe Jennifer Hudson is now referring to herself as a “size zero.”

Ebony Magazine, which features the slimmed-down J-Hud on its December/January cover in a ruched blue dress, asked the Oscar winner to address the whole situation.

Jennifer tells Ebony: “I am going to finally address that size-zero thing that Joy said on ‘The View.’ Hell I wasn’t even on the show. I never said I was a size zero. I got crucified by I don’t know how many people who cussed me out because they said I’m putting out the wrong message and telling people to be a size zero. I got called every name under the sun and was told, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself for talking about being that size.’ Well, honey, when I do say I’m that size, then, give me that speech. I never said that.”

This morning, Behar confirmed that Hudson never actually said she was a size zero.

“Let me just explain this,” Joy began. “I’m in a store in the Hamptons around September…and who comes along but Jennifer Hudson, and she looks beautiful. She’s in the racks and I say to her, ‘Jennifer, how does it feel to be a size zero?’”

“I said that, not Jennifer!” Behar stressed, pointing to herself. “And [Jennifer] said, ‘Oh, it feels like somebody else.’ We moved on and that was the whole conversation.”

Behar’s final message to those blasting Hudson: “I’m here to say she did not say [she was a size zero], I did! Criticize me! Write to me! Don’t write to Jennifer Hudson! A size zero is like metaphor for thin, that’s all.”