kanye west (concert)*Kanye West doesn’t play, that we know for sure.

So someone had the audacity to throw his business cards on stage during last Friday’s “Watch the Throne” concert with Jay-Z. The rapper, stunned, threatened to throw out a whole section of concertgoers before he discovered the culprit.

But the most surprising part of the story is that he remained calm. He noticed the cards being flung on stage and acknowledge that it’s not only rude, but the act was dangerous.

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“I see it come from that direction… Unless one person raises their hand and says, ‘I’m the one who did it’, all that whole section gotta go,” he said in Washington’s Tacoma Dome.

The show involves some elaborate things, including a 20-feet high-elevated cube.

“We risking our lives up here, you can’t go throwing s**t that we gonna slip on,” he added.