kim kardashian*Does it really seem like everyone hates Kim Kardashian? Poor thing. Some anti-fans recently launched a website called (Very hilarious by the way.)

The site is part of a full on movement to end the socialite’s career by boycotting products sold and marketed by Kardashian and her family.

These folk aren’t joking. The site includes a petition and a list of Kardashian endorsements to boycott.

“Boycott Kim Kardashian and all that she stands for by going after those who hire her and give her incentive to continue to pollute our culture,” the site reads. “We will measure our success as these brands have little choice to [f]ire Kim Kardashian and think twice about hiring someone like her ever again.”

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This might have a real affect on business for others as well. Tyler Perry’s “The Marriage Counselor” is on the boycott list, along with Macy’s and E! Entertainment.

Oh and her ex-husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries was recently named “the most disliked player’ in the NBA by Forbes.

Yikes – did you see the jeering when he played the other night. Sad story.

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About the petition, the goal there is to reach 500,000 signatures. And guess what? The goal is almost met. As of Thursday morning, over 300,000 people signed and the “Boycott Kim Kardashian’s” Facebook page has received thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

A comment from one man, Orlando Vergara reads:

“It’s about time someone brought this out. All mothers and fathers under 35 years of age, pay attention! Watch how your children react to Kim Kardashian and how they revere her as some type of goddess and not what she really is…..Please turn their hearts away from anything KARDASHIAN!”

Imagine the kind of movement that could be generated if people responded to calls to feed the homeless or create jobs or end war.

Yeah, just imagine …