*Without a doubt, Kim Wayans is one of the funniest actresses and comics out there. And even at 50, she’s still throwing heads back in laughter. For over 25 years, she’s played her part in the film industry and contributed to the growth of black comedy.

Recently she took on a new role in controversial film, “Pariah,” in which she plays the role of a religious mother of a teenage girl who’s struggling with her sexual identity.

In a recent interview with Essence.com, she talks about the challenges she faced transitioning from comedy to drama for the project as well as turning 50 and the comeback of “In Living Color.”

“It was difficult to get into a dark [dramatic] space for this role because you have to put yourself into that kind of emotional space. This character is so different from me, I really had to create her, I really had to keep combing the text and the script, it was like putting together a puzzle, asking the director questions about her background.”

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