*Ashanti is back and teaming with Busta Rhymes for her new single “The Woman You Love.”

It’s the first new material from her upcoming fifth studio album. On the track, sings about a love gone wrong:  “With everything that I gave/ And all the love that we made/ It never should’ve took place/ I gave you my heart/ You betrayed it and I know/ I should’ve let you go/ ‘Cause I’m back where I was before, baby.”

Busta takes blame for the drama in his rap, but refuses to let her go: “I know at times I really hurt your head up/ And I stress you out and really get you fed up/ I ain’t never, never gonna let up unless it make you happy for me to shut up.”

The track is released through Ashanti’s Written Entertainment. She’s been spending recent weeks touring Asia with songwriter David Foster.