Martina Davis

*(Via – Martina Davis Correia, older sister of Troy Davis, who was executed in September for killing a police officer, died Thursday, according to media reports.

Correia, 44, had been fighting cancer.

She stood by her brother, who maintained his innocence in the death of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark Allen MacPhail in 1989. MacPhail was moonlighting on a security detail when he was shot three times.

After Davis’ trial, a number of key witnesses recanted their testimony. Davis’ case was known around the world and fueled the debate over eyewitness testimony.

Correia fought to clear her brother’s name.

“She was the No. 1 messenger and was the one that really inspired people to get involved and work for him,” Laura Moye, who heads Amnesty International’s campaign to abolish the death penalty, told the Associated Press. “She is the person who really sparked the global campaign for Troy Davis.”


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