*As Erica Campbell’s due date nears, Mary Mary has cancelled the “Have A Mary Mary Christmas Tour” to give the expectant mother some time to rest.

The group has been on the go non-stop this year reaping the rewards from the “something Big” project, keeping a whirlwind, cross-country schedule making promotional appearances and collecting several awards. All this while they are in the process of prepping for their very own reality show. But SOMETHING BIGGER is in store. . .the third child of Erica and the group’s producer, Warryn Campbell.

Doctors advised that keeping pace with such a rigorous schedule placed her at risk for pre-mature delivery.  The projected due date is February 12 (incidentally the day of the 2012 Grammys) Erica said in a recent interview.

The following apology was issued on Facebook:

“Sorry everyone, we had to cancel the “Have A Mary Mary Christmas Tour.” Just know that I have the greatest passion for whom I sing about and a great love and respect for whom I sing to, so I’ll be back to what I live for as soon as I take care of mommy business.”  —  Erica Campbell

Tuesday, was also the deadline date for the “Something Big” contest where churches had a chance win a free concert from Mary Mary. All dates are cancelled including a scheduled New Year performance.

Given the medical opinion, the ladies recognize what their priorities must be.