common & maya angelou*Poet and motivational speaker (by default) Maya Angelou made it plain when she said she’s upset with rapper Common for his lack of tact.

She told the New York Post she has beef with the guy known for his “positive” raps because of his use of the n-word.

Everything bubbled up after Angelou was featured as a guest on the rapper’s latest album, “The Dreamer, The Believer,” on the track entitled, “The Dreamer.”

“I had no idea that Common was using the piece we had done together on [a track] in which he also used the ‘N’ word numerous times.”
She further explains, “I’m surprised and disappointed. I don’t know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that [word] before. I admired him so because he wasn’t singing the line of least resistance.”

Common admitted he was a bit surprised by her response, saying the two met when they were invited to the White House for the poetry event. Since coming together, the two have become quite close.

He claims to have told the poet he uses the n-word, but on the track, he wanted to get a certain point across to young people.

“I wanted young people to hear this and feel like they could really accomplish their dreams,” says Common.