*The first trailer for Men in Black III was unveiled online this morning and reveals a major plot twist: Will Smith’s Agent J goes time traveling…or “time jumping” as noted in the trailer.

The set up is this: Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K are going about their usual alien monitoring business when Agent K takes on a side assignment solo.’

When asked by J what he’s investigating, K tells him, “I promised you the secrets of the universe, no more.” To which J replies, “Well, what other secrets are there?”

Cut to: J asking Emma Thompson’s character Oh to help him locate K. A bit surprised, she tells him K has been dead for decades.

And thus comes the time travel element — Agent J needs to find Agent K in the past.

Agent J. “time jumps” back to 1969 and lands in an office chair smack down in front of Josh Brolin, who plays the young Agent K.

“Men in Black III” opens May 25, 2012.

Watch the trailer below.