michelle obama*First lady Michelle Obama was wishing and hoping for a Christmas miracle to get her husband to Hawaii in time for the holiday.

“We were all praying and praying, and asking Santa, and the tooth fairy, and every fairy they could think of,” the first lady said Saturday. She said their children prayed as well that the president “would be able to be with us.”

She did get her Christmas gift. President Barack Obama eventually made it to Hawaii, about a week late, and only after Congress resolved its stalemate over extending expiring payroll tax cuts. Friday night the president arrived on the island of Oahu and spent a peaceful Christmas Eve with the family.

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In the meantime, Mrs. Obama spent the day helping Santa for NORAD (North American Air Defense Command), answering calls for Santa.

During her answering session, the first lady shared with a caller about how she and her daughters sought Santa’s help to get their daddy home for Christmas.