ndamukong suh looking left*On the whole, this has been one of the more blessed NFL seasons in recent history. It’s been just about spotless to watch – right from the armistice between the unions and ownership that achieved labor peace in our time.

Aaron Rodgers’ (and the Packers) dominance, the nightmare that is the Philadelphia Eagles’ “dream team,” the continued brilliance of Drew Brees and Tom Brady, the twin tight-end brilliance of Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, the absolute collapse of the Indianapolis Colts without Manning…it’s been a fun, intriguing season.

But up until now, it’s been missing a villain. A true villain. As of Thanksgiving Day – when the rest of the country was knee-deep in turkey and stuffing – we have one. Ndamukong Suh’s stomp turned the Lions’ dominating defensive end from “mean” to “vicious” with one quick downward movement. He’s become the Darth Vader of the NFL season, someone to be both awed and feared.

Let’s be clear. Suh should definitely be both. He’s a prodigious talent, as anyone who’s watched him smash through offensive linemen both in the NFL and during his sterling career at Nebraska can attest to – and he’s also a live wire, as his history of fines for late and harmful hits and this ugly stomping incident details. Where can he go after his two-game suspension? Let’s all hope that he cleans up his act and manages to stay on the field; after all, doesn’t Detroit deserve a bit of a break?