*The “very rich” NeNe Leakes attempted to defend herself after leaving so abruptly when Redickulous the stripper performed for the ladies on RHOA.

On an episode of “Watch What Happens” with Andy Cohen, both Leakes and the stripper commented on the Kandi Burruss birthday celebration, which included Redickulous performing fellatio on himself.

“Would you be at a party with your mom, aunt or people you do business with and watch a stripper suck his… in front of everyone,” she asked.

The stripper, however, said he gave NeNe a lap dance and performed for her several times.

In her defense, she later tweeted: “I host lots of gay events & introduce whoever they tell me 2! I’ve never had a lap dance from any male stripper!”

Redickulous admitted he was a bit hurt when the reality TV star stormed off the scene during his act.

“From my perception, I think it was because of the situation between her and Phaedra [Parks], and she was just egging Kandi’s mom on to make a scene,” he said.