*In his death, Michael Jackson seems to be worth more to investors. But over the weekend, it didn’t appear as if the work of the deceased King of Pop was worth a whole lot … comparatively speaking.

Two hours of never before seen video footage of Jackson’s 1993 ‘Dangerous’ tour went up for auction from production company Fame Bureau. The minimum bid was $7.8 million.

Yikes. Asking too much?

Just maybe. But according to a spokesperson for the company, some interested buyers have been in talks about the footage. But no real commitments have been made.

While the asking price is ridiculously high, some speculate it might not even be worth any commercial value because if it was, the Jackson estate would hop right on the auction and be sure to take a portion of the profits.

And why would the product be worth anything? Fans already have access to footage that’s been out on the market for the same concert.