olivia*Earlier this month I was on the scene at Amoy Hair Artistry for a trendy affair sponsored by Juicy Magazine and Iman Cosmetics.  It was hosted by R&B singer, and star of the VH1 reality TV hit series “Love and Hip-Hop,” Olivia. The affair was visited by some of the hottest names in showbiz.

Afterwards Olivia was kind enough to show love and tell me about what audiences can expect from “Love and Hip-Hop” and her upcoming album.  But first here’s what she had to say regarding the purpose of the event and her reason for being there.

“This event is for Amoy and Juicy Magazine and I’m hosting it,” she said. “It’s to give women tips and help them transition from work to evening wear during the holiday season. Everybody loves the way I do my hair so they picked me. ”

The first thing that most people think of when the term reality television is used is privacy … as in lack there of.  I asked the songstress how has she been able to balance her private and public life while being an integral part of the show.

“I’m a very closed person publicly,” she tells me.  “I don’t feel that everybody needs to know everything about me but I understand their need to want to connect.  So, I feel like I can give you a piece of me without feeling like I have to give you everything.”

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Many fans of “Love and Hip-Hop” remember Olivia from her time with G-Unit and some even remember when she was signed to J-Records way back when.  Talent has always been something she has had in abudance, but politics has a way of putting a damper on the careers of even the most talented performers.  Olivia is getting back in the music saddle and is already getting shown some props.

“The name if the album is called “Show The World,” said Olivia. “There are no collaborations purposely, but as far as the producers I’ve got Brian Leslie, Missy Elliot, Mario Winans, Rockwilder, Sean Kingston and Jerry Wonder.  I have a great list so I’m very excited.

“I just want to tell the fans thank you,” she continued.  “They’ve been very supportive of me.  We put out “On My Own” and the response was amazing.  We’ve released the follow up, which is called “Walk Away”, and the response has been amazing.  I’d like to tell my fans that I see their emails, their responses on Facebook and on Twitter and I love them for it.”

We wish Olivia Longott the best of luck in her recording career.  In addition, fans might want to check her out in “Conspiracy X” out on DVD.  You can tune in on Monday and catch Olivia sing her new release on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop.”