oprah smiling*Now that Oprah Winfrey is not confined to the four walls of her TV studio, she’s out and about meeting folk and building some strong international relationships.

This week, the media mogul is visiting the president of Haiti, Michel Martelly.

His hope is to partner with Winfrey to rebuild the country, attract investors and ultimately, make her an ambassador for the island nation.

“I am hoping she will serve as an ambassador for Haiti, to help us get the kind of assistance needed,” Martelly said during the Caricom-Cuba summit, a trade conference where Caribbean leaders advocate for their needs.

She arrived on Sunday morning and met with the president on Monday. She also visited a settlement camp run by actor Sean Penn.

Being the proactive person he is, Martelly, who used to perform under the name “Sweet Micky” is planning to go on a world tour to raise money for children’s education.

“I will get on it and dance and have great groups of entertainers to perform to help Haiti, including Wyclef [Jean] and Oprah and have others play my music and sing my songs,” he said.