oprah*Now that Oprah is out of the chair, flexing her wings a little with the new (OWN) network, she’s ready to get going with the new year and build her empire.

In an exclusive interview with TV Guide Magazine, Oprah shared her plans for the future of OWN. The media mogul also elaborated on the things she wish she could do over.

She’s now out among the people, greeting, speaking, shaking hands and understanding the world’s ills from a whole new perspective.

“I am out of the chair,” she said. “I’ve been longing not to be tethered to the studio and constricted by who would come to see me but to be moving through the world exploring new ideas and meeting new people. I love that no one is promoting a new CD, a movie or a book, just having a conversation we hope will elevate viewer consciousness.”

As far as the development of OWN, she admitted it’s been challenging so far, but overall she’s encouraged.

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