paula patton harpers bazaar cover*Paula Patton is making a statement.

Her beauty and talent has graced newsstands everywhere, appeared in videos and recently in a few movies. But she may have scored one of the best spots of her career so far. She’s on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia December 2011 issue.

The staff admitted they were simply amazed at her looks.

“She honestly had the best skin and figure we’ve even seen! She barely needed any make-up either! A natural beauty!” the publication remarked on their Facebook page.

Without being overdone, the actress appears in a sequined cocktail dress, dazzling shawls and beautiful jewelry reflecting the publications “Arabian Nights” theme.

In the exclusive interview, she reveals a little bit about her fashion taste, admitting Dolce & Gabbana is one of her favorites.

“I love the femininity of their clothes. They’ll go a bit retro but give you enough modern elements that make it new and free. I’m a big fan of Lanvin, and for evening gowns, Carolina Herrera and I love McQueen.”

And about her figure, she said maintaining that sexy look isn’t easy but she’s determined to be ready for the camera at any moment.

Patton does yoga, kickboxing and even a little bit of weight training to keep her booty lifted, arms toned, and figure in tact.

Basically still trying to keep the muscles there, so that when the next role comes it won’t feel quite as difficult. I don’t want to have to go through that first month again.”