*Brace yourself.

Another major sex scandal involving a mega-church is on the verge of making headlines. This time the location is Los Angeles and is the focus is Faithful Central Bible Church headed by pastor Kenneth Ulmer.

In an article for the Hinterland Gazette blog, writer Dion Davis of RMGradio.org, writes about Ingrid Michelle, the pen name of Ingrid Ellis, reveals a detailed account of sexual scandal that occurred at a very prominent church she attended with her then husband and Youth Pastor, Troyvoi (aka: “Bobby”) Hicks in her book “Life After the Lowdown.”

However, after writing the book and using fictitious names to protect the guilty in the book, Ellis apparently has had a change of heart/mind and has now decided to speak out and use the REAL names of the players.

It’s a tad confusing, but try and follow. She says Hicks, her now ex-husband, after watching a television program sighed deeply and nervously confessed that he had exchanged “oral sex” with another man. The “other man” he exchanged “oral sex” with was EJ Hunter (aka: “Elliot”) who was in his youth group and whom Hicks had mentored.

EJ, according to report, was considered to have had a “dancer’s body” which enticed a number of younger girls and adult women.  He himself had been molested as a child and it was rumored had also been “emasculated by his mother.”

Troyvoi Hicks, a notable and accomplished educator was also the Youth Pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA under the senior leadership of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer (known as “Pastor Dwight Carter in the book); world-wide and world-respected leader. After the scandal of sexual impropriety with minors surfaced, Bishop Ulmer did what many high profile pastors do when scandal breaks out in their congregations, he covered it up.

Uh oh, this where we send off to the Hinterland Gazette to read the whole story.  Come back and share your thoughts about the situation.