rihanna (scene from 'battleship)

*If you haven’t heard, be looking out for next summer’s “Battleship” featuring the one and only Rihanna.  Yes, RiRi will be making her big screen debut, according to Shadow and Act.

Directed by Peter Berg, the singer was supposedly cast because of her “urban appeal.”

“I spent a lot of time in the Navy thinking about who would make sense and who would bring an urban swagger to this character,” Berg explained. “Put a call in, had a great couple of meetings, and she’s a great girl, really hard-working, very smart, wants to be good, really strong work ethic, no attitude, no diva nonsense. She was great.”

Problem is, you’d probably Miss Thing if you blink. Check out the film’s trailer below and don’t bother looking for Rihanna, ’cause if she’s in it, we didn’t see her. But on the other hand, “Battleship” sounds and looks really scary.

The big budget action/scary flick is set to premiere in theaters May 18.