*Last we heard from Sisqo, the R&B crooner was promoting his appearance on the gospel rap single “Sleep for Days” from fellow Baltimore native Cooli Hi. He also mentioned that a solo project is on the horizon and that he continues to make music with his original group Dru Hill.

Their last album, “InDRUpendence Day,” was released independently in 2010 – and Sisqo says there will be more to come, because the group has not broken up.

In fact, this swinging back and forth between his solo records and Dru Hill projects has been part of Sisqo’s master plan from day one – thanks to a certain superstar who has been the singer’s inspiration ever since he moonwalked across the Pasadena Civic Auditorium stage in 1983.

Listen below.

Sisqo on patterning his career after Michael Jackson by CherieNic

Below, Dru Hill appears on the Centric show “Keith Sweat’s Platinum House.”