snoop dogg smoking joint

*The one thing that most folks know about Snoop Dogg,  other than the fact that he’s a rapper, is that he likes, no, LOVES to blaze up.

Well, if a concert promoter in Lebanon didn’t know it before, he knows it now. If fact, he found out the hard way ’cause Big Snoop fired up a joint at an after party in the Middle Eastern country.

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OK, so9 what(?), you’re asking yourself. Well here’s the deal. Roger Kalaouz, the promoter we’re referring to, is suing Snoop because after an appearance in 2009 the Dogg man lit up a blunt [which is illegal in Lebanon] at his after party then featured the footage in the video “That’s the Homie,” After all was said it done, because of Snoop’s actions, a criminal investigation was launched against Kalaouz that ruined his reputation.

On top of all that, Kalaouz is claiming that Snoop promised he (Kalaouz) would be his Middle Eastern booking agent. However, after he started booking dates Snoop’s people told him they never had a deal.

Bottom line: Kalaouz is seeking $280k in damages.