*The beautiful Tasha Smith plays a wife of 13 years on the new Tyler Perry TBS sitcom, “For Better or Worse.”

A loud mouthed, yelling woman on camera, the newlywed swears she’s not like that at home and hasn’t seen half the stuff her character Angela has seen in her first year of marriage.

But she’s not sweating the small things and is taking marriage head on.

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In an interview with Loop21.com, the actress compared her on-screen life to her off-screen reality, explaining that Angela is nothing like her at home with her man.

Q: Are there any similarities between your on-screen marriage and the one you have with your husband Keith Douglas?

A: Listen, first of all, heck no! Thank God! The stuff that Angela and Marcus are going through, I guess that’s 13-year marriage stuff. Thank God me as a newlywed, I’m not going through any of that. I’m not sure how anyone could survive that kind of stuff in the first year of marriage.

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