*When Tatyana Ali disappeared from off the screen, she was out getting her education at Harvard University. She graduated with a degree in Afro-American history and government in 2002.

During her experience there, she participated in several Black events and organizations.

She shared with The Urban Daily her Black experience in the Ivy Leagues.

“This is something that people don’t know about Harvard. There’s actually a pretty substantial population of students of color,” she says. “There are signature black events at Harvard like Apollo Night, for example, and it’s time for performance and it’s really integrated. It’s Apollo Night, black students are throwing it, but everybody comes and everybody performs.”

Ms. Ali also revealed one of her most memorable extra-curricular activities while at Harvard.

“I was a stepper! I wouldn’t even dare do a step now! But our steppers are by class, so I was an ’02 stepper. Deuce! Double O deuce! And I got to step and we’d invite our parents and we’d step for the entire school and we’d do it multiple times during the year. We had so much fun.”