terrell  owens*Terrell Owens is not being a good dad, says the court and his baby’s mothers. He’s been slapped with court papers by three different women who allege he’s not been paying child support totaling over $35,000.

The father of four children, from four different mothers, has been missing payments for a while.

According to a filing made by Melanie Paige Smith on Friday, he’s failed to pay her the $5,000 monthly support and also claims he missed two other payments over the past six months.

Here’s what Smith’s attorney, Randall M. Kessler said in a statement regarding the lawsuit:

“Our client only filed as a last resort . . . she hopes it will not get to the point where the judge will incarcerate him and that he will simply pay the support he agreed to. We hope so too.”

In the meantime, both Samelia Miller and Kimberly Floyd jointly filed papers against him on Friday and says he owes a combined total of $30,000.

A hefty bill for a big time, out of work NFL player right?

Owens is actually struggling. As we reported, he just avoided foreclosure on his Dallas condo he owned, by selling it for $350,000 less than the $1.95 million he paid for it three years ago.