connor cruise *In Hollywood circles, Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise’s adopted son, is known as DJ C Squared.

That’s because the 16-year-old, who lives with “Mission Impossible” star Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, is making quite a name for himself as an in-demand DJ in Hollywood.

DJ C Squared will be hitting the turntables on New Year’s Eve as the official DJ at Hollywood’s Big Bang party, according to the New York Post.

Connor is known for DJ’ing at numerous charitable and celebrity events, such as the XBOX Miracle of Music Benefit in honor of the 2011 American Music Awards and Nickelodeon’s 2011 Teen Nick HALO Awards.

connor cruise

You may recognize Connor from a few movies, such as “Seven Pounds” and “Red Dawn,” but it looks as if the teen’s interest lies in music. He’s even started his own business, CZ Entertainment.

As for his dj’ing duties, Cruise makes a pretty penny pulling in about $10,000 per gig.