toni braxton*Tonight’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” is going to be one heaping helping of drama … and then some!

Toni Braxton, who’s established her own image and retained her own fame without the public help of her family, is beginning to grow weary of the others.

She admitted that she just wants to do her own thing. But Tamar says music is the family business.

“Music has been Toni Braxton’s family business,” Toni informed during a dinner-time dispute with her youngest sister. “It doesn’t allow me to grow as an artist when I’m surrounded by my family because it becomes so engrossed with family all [the] time. I can’t be who I need to be because I am stuck in the role of older sister.”

All you need to do is watch the trailer below. The tension, as they say, is palpable.

This may be the first time Toni has revealed her feelings about the family business, as well as her brother-in-law and now ex-manager, Vincent Herbert. (Hmm, could this have been the scenario that led to her dumping him as her manager?) Anyway, this could be a career defining moment for the singer. Be sure to check it out tonight  at 9pm (8pm central)  on Wetv.

Naturally Tamar had to respond and stick up for her husband and let Toni know that maybe the problem isn’t him (Vince), but you-know-who. Drama fo’ days!