tyler perry*Tyler Perry is branching out beyond his own productions and has been cast to star as the title role in upcoming movie, “I, Alex Cross,” based on the novel by author James Patterson.

When the announcement was made, critics were skeptical since seasoned actor Morgan Freeman played the Alex Cross character on a big screen production in “Kiss The Girls.” Perry is mostly known for his drag character Madea, so some wonder if he’ll be able to step out of the norm and be taken seriously.

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But “Cross” costar and director, Edward Burns, believes in Perry and says a lot of folks are gonna be surprised with his performance. Here’s what he told ComingSoon.net:

“There are things that will shock people, mostly though Tyler Perry’s performance. The guy is so good in this movie and so powerful that I think people are going to be really shocked. He came and delivered. He’s a big dude, a smart guy. He’s a very powerful presence both physically and intellectually, so I think people are going to be very surprised.”