Rev. Al Sharpton imitating his Saturday Night Live skit on MSNBC's PoliticsNation, Dec. 12, 2011

*At the end of his MSNBC show “Politics Nation” on Monday, Rev. Al Sharpton played the clip of “Saturday Night Live‘s” skit mocking him, and said he found it “hilarious.”

Not only did he enjoy Kenan Thompson’s portrayal of him mispronouncing the names of his guests and confused by the camera’s red lights and teleprompter, he even teased the “SNL” segment with several seconds of his own imitation of Thompson’s imitation of himself, pretending to be confused about what camera to speak into and chiding his producer with “you guys don’t go to church! Where’s the health care package?”

Sharpton came back from the break and played highlights of Kenan’s skit, including his insistence on calling Politico‘s Jim VandeHei “Jim VandeHeeho” and, later, asking if “Republicans are Nazis trying to steal blueberry pie out the box,” a reference to Sharpton’s MSNBC commercial.

Sharpton ceded that SNL “got me pretty good” and was happy to have fun with the show, noting that some Facebook fans thought the parody was harsh but “I thought it was hilarious. “I’m not a big fan of teleprompters and there’s a lot of red lights out there,” he said, but added a word of advice to Thompson: “if you’re going to do me, you’ve got to lose a little weight. Leave the blueberry pie alone.”

Then Sharpton made one final, confusing cut to “Hardball.”

Watch below.