*The world’s biggest pop star (no pun intended), Beyonce, sat down with ABC’s Katie Couric recently to discuss a nu7ber of items which of course would include her pregnancy.

If you, like a lot of folks are wondering when the little one will be coming into this world, Bey said she won’t reveal her actual due date because of safety concerns,

“The truth is [why I won’t reveal due date], it’s safety.  I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected.”

On the other hand she was extremely relieved after her big reveal at the VMAs.

“Honestly, I just felt free. I really did, because I’d been holding the most exciting thing in for so long, and I just felt like, Wow, now I can enjoy and now I can just experience this the way that every woman should. So I felt so liberated, and I felt like, Oh, I can breathe and be happy. And, you know, it was a beautiful feeling. … I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay and just cried. It was a beautiful day.”