*One of music’s rising stars Wynter Gordon tells Chris Yandek of CYInterview.com in a lengthy conversation about the many struggles she went through and overcame to become a singer. The artist with the 2010 number 1 hit “Dirty Talk” and now top 10 dance hit “Buy My Love” talks about overcoming depression and how she slept on friend’s couches before she got her big break.

“Not even till recently was I really like sure of myself. A lot of times I would be like super depressed, like very, very depressed and I felt like giving up. I would cry and sit in my closet by myself and like really like sob and weep and I just felt like giving up… I had to take on a lot of jobs because I wasn’t making money when I first started doing music, pretty much sleeping on my friend’s couches and just really doing whatever it took for someone to notice me.”

Even with all her provocative and sexual messages in her music videos, Wynter wants you to know who she really is:

“I’m pretty much just your cool girl around the way. I’m super passionate about music. Like that’s, pretty much that and my family is the only thing I think about during the day. Kind of give my all. Is this a fun facts thing? I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t know.”

When it comes to her number 1 dance hit from 2010 Dirty Talk, she wants everyone to know that it represents a very small piece of her.

“I’m grateful for Dirty Talk because you know it was obviously a hit and it was that song, but it didn’t really feel like it really represented me in whole. It was just a small tiny piece of me, a little fun side, but I don’t put my career on that song. ”
You can hear or read the entire conversation with Wynter Gordon at Chris Yandek’s CYInterview.com.