michelle obama*The big news in the Twitter-verse yesterday? Michelle Obama, the nation’s First Lady, finally joined the booming social networking site. As of now, she has over 250,000 followers.

The First Lady is – obviously – a must-follow, but if this news has sparked you to join Twitter, what other celebrities out there are worthy of a follow? Here’s our list:

DONALD GLOVER (@donaldglover) – The comedian and star of Community is just as funny in 140 characters as he is on TV.

CHAD OCHOCINCO (@ochocinco) – The Twitters of most athletes are as bland as most postgame interviews. Ocho’s is one of the rare exceptions.

ARIAN FOSTER – (@ArianFoster) – Here’s another exception. The running back’s Twitter is insightful and surprisingly witty.

BLAKEGRIFFIN – (@BlakeGriffin) – The third and final athlete worth a follow is this Clippers forward. It may not be as exciting as watching him demolish an alley-oop from Chris Paul, but Griffin provides for some fine Tweetin’.

KEITH ELLISON – (@KeithEllison) – Ellison, a Representative from Minnesota, maintains a compelling, politically-focused Twitter feed.

BARACK OBAMA – (@BarackObama) – He’s the President. Enough said.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON – (@MichaelEDyson) – The engaging academic and author is just as
charismatic on his Twitter page.

KANYE WEST – (@KanyeWest) – Love him or hate him, Kanye’s never boring – and neither is his Twitter page.

WYCLEF JEAN – (@Wyclef) – Wyclef’s Twitter page provides a great source for updates on his music, along with some socially-conscious tweets.

KARYN PARSONS (@Karyn_Parsons) – The actress (Hilary on Fresh Prince) has established a Twitter feed (@swtblackberry) to detail little-known African-American historical achievements.