jakadrien turner
Jakadrien Turner, 14, has been missing since 2010 and was found in Colombia by her grandmother via Facebook, but Colombia will not extradite her to the U.S.

*Just reading the headline of this story is confusing.  How is it that an African American can be deported to Colombia?  Wouldn’t one of the first major tell-tale signs be that the girl couldn’t speak Spanish?

There was no hint of an accent … nothing!  Why was there such a laxidasical approach to confirming the identity of this young woman?

According to TheGrio,  Jakadrien Turner, 14,  ran away from home after problems resulting from her grandfather’s death and her parents divorce.  She was picked up for theft, made up a name, and coincidentally, that name matched a Colombian person who had warrants for her arrest.  Strange, right? (more…)