*Politics are heating up as the election year begins.

Celebrities are gearing up to support their favorite candidates. Anthony Hamilton, known for his soulful and conscious lyrics, explained how politics, business and leaving a legacy are all responsibilities of being a well-rounded man.

“People look at you as an artist initially but as you develop they look at you as a businessman,” Hamilton Told Singersroom. “As a businessman you have to know what to vote for and what is going on.”
He continues, “It’s very important for Raheem DeVaughn, Kanye West and I to show up at an empowering seminar for Wall Street or any other business seminar. You want to show people you take it serious. I’m not just slap sticking with a microphone and I’m not just here to entertain you. I’m here to set a tone and to create a standard. When I pass it on, I’m passing on a legacy. I’m passing on a voice. You want to leave a legacy and the best way to do that is getting in position to have that power.”

Well said Mr. hamilton. Well said.