beyonce*OK, here’s some more fodder for the Beyonce haters out there.

It seems a lot of folks on Twitter are getting Bey’s baby’s name twisted. Ivy Blue Carter is trending as baby girl’s moniker, but her name is actually Blue Ivy Carter! Apparently, there was some misinformation at the beginning, but now it has been confirmed.

So, does this make a difference as to the meaning of the baby Blue’s name? Here’s how Gather put it:

It does, though only slightly.

Picking the first name Blue isn’t something that many people expected, which is probably why the name was twisted around on Twitter. Ivy sounds like a much more conventional name than Blue. But, now that we know it is Blue, what does it mean?

Unbeknownst to many, Blue is actually a name with a lot of meaning. For one thing, it is linked to Heaven and it also symbolizes the Virgin Mary, spirituality, and sincerity. In addition, you’ve got to consider that the number four is Beyoncé’s favorite number, so it’s fitting that she’d pick a four letter name.

As for Ivy, it also symbolizes four with IV, being the roman numeral for four. Ivy represents new promise and eternal life in the Christian religion, so we have yet another spiritual name. It also means longevity and eternity.

Put together, Blue Ivy Carter sounds like the perfect name for Beyoncé’s first child, and surely Bey and Jay put a lot of time into choosing it.

What do you think? Did they choose right? Do you care? (Well, we already know what the haters think.)